Moose Jaw Home Building - Beyond Expectations

Keith and I wanted to build our “forever home.” Norm authentically listened to our specific needs and integrated our dreams into the project. Our home needed to address mobility issues and satisfy what Keith and I pictured as a home we would enjoy into retirement and beyond. Horizon Homes’ attention to detail and careful craftsmanship resulted in what I can only describe as beyond our expectations! Thank you, Norm and all the employees for your understanding and integrity. We are so happy and grateful!

Donna & Keith

When I think of our experience in building a home with Horizon Homes, I think of honesty, integrity, and stellar craftsmanship. Right from our very first meeting we felt confident in our decision to build with Horizon. Norm offered us keys right away and encouraged our involvement every step of the way. Norm quickly became one of the top 3 contacts in my phone list and was always very easy to deal with. Horizon always kept us in the loop and worked long hours to meet our timeline and get us into our home as soon as possible. Horizon Homes made building a home an enjoyable experience. Thank you so much to Norm and the whole Horizon Team!

The Millars

My brother and I decided that we were going to purchase a home. We looked around and newer homes and found that we did not like everything in them or there was little flaws that would have to be fix, even some major ones. We thought we would look into buying a new home instead. After a quick google search of builders in Moose Jaw and after reading reviews we decided it would be best to contact Horizon Homes. We contacted Norm and discussed our needs/wants and he was more than happy to work with us. He invited us to meet him at the homes he had currently being built to see different stages of progress. This way we could see the quality and attention to detail in every stage. While looking at the homes he had been working on we asked a lot of questions ranging from finance to building code. He answered them all without hesitation. After that meeting we knew we were going to use Norm and his team. After we decided on the blue prints he gave us more than enough time to make sure that all the little things were picked out (wall colors, flooring, granite) and everything went as good as anyone could ask. We moved into our home months before the contract stated and could not be happier with our decision to go with Horizon Homes. The next time we are looking for a house the first number that we call will be Norms.

Dillon and Jessie

Bushko Testimonial

We built our house with Horizon in 2014 and had an absolutely fantastic experience. Norm and Dustin were awesome, they answered all of our questions, and made sure that everything was done perfectly. We will without question be using Horizon Homes for any home that we decide to build in the future.

Ashely and Dana Bushko

We live south of Moose Jaw, December 2014 we had a house fire. The smoke and water damage left our home unrepairable. Our first call was to Norm at Horizon Homes. The experience and knowledge Norm has in home building made the decision easy for us. The decision making throughout the process was so easy with all the knowledge, from Norm to all the subcontractors, plumbers, electricians, painters and the list goes on. They were all fabulous!

We moved into Moose Jaw during the rebuilding process, my husband travelled out daily to tend to our livestock. I kept teasing Norm that to be home for Christmas would be so amazing after the devastating not so very merry Christmas we had just had.

Dec 13, 2016 Norm gave us the go ahead to move into our new home!! They still had some finishing to do in the basement, but we were willing to live around a bit of dust to be able to be home for Christmas, and to save my husband the traveling daily to do chores.

The contractors worked so hard, and worked numerous overtime hours for this to happen, and we are ever so thankful for that.

We highly recommend Horizon Homes, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and high-quality product.

Thank you Horizon Homes

Mike and Suzanne Ramage and family

When our family made the decision to move to Moose Jaw not only were we looking for a community that our children can grow up in with the right surroundings but also a place that we would feel comfortable enough in to call our home.

Our first contact with Horizon Homes was with Norm and him walking through some of the homes they had in the works. Not only is Norm a friendly face in what can be a very stressful process but he is very approachable and open to comments and feedback. When we found the plan that we would later be calling a home, all of the finishes had been picked out and some of the work had already been completed but we were able to make changes to customize the finishing touches. All of the suppliers and subcontractors that work with Horizon Homes also treated us with the same great customer service we had been receiving. It was nice to walk into the flooring store and the Supplier know your name once you gave them your address. This is one of the biggest difference when deciding to build with Horizon, you aren’t a house number to them but a person with expectations and excitement. No matter how many times we decided to “pop in” to see how things were progressing, the trade’s people were nothing but nice and accommodating to any questions we had with the work being completed.

Once the house was complete, there were no surprises with the agreed upon purchase price. The finish product speaks volumes to the services they offered and this services continues even after we have been moved in for over a year.

We would highly recommend Horizon Homes to anyone looking at building a home that would exceed your expectations.

Mang Family

Mike McKeown & Tess Froehlich - After months of comparing old vs new it was a no brainer to build with Horizon. We're happy to say it was the best decision we made. Norm was very easy to deal with start to finish and we were able to get ahold of him whenever we had a question or concern. He explained everything patiently and thoroughly. Norm also gave us a set of keys right from the start and we were encouraged to check out the progress at our convenience. Horizon Home's employees were always very friendly and welcoming anytime we had a question while visiting the build site. While our home was under construction the site was very clean and tidy, there was never any clutter. Whenever we have friends or family over they always have a compliment for the craftsmanship of our beautiful home.

We would definitely recommend Horizon Homes to anyone thinking of building a new home.

Mike McKeown & Tess Froehlich

We had always steered clear of the thought of building our own home. We have plenty of friends and coworkers who have been through the process and have heard countless horror stories. However when our good friend (who has built in the past) built with Horizon Homes and had raving reviews about her experience, we started to consider it.

Norm Hales and his team were incredibly easy to work with. He worked with us to ensure our home would meet both our wish list and our budget. Norm was readily available by text or by phone, and always willing to meet with us to discuss any ongoing projects or changes. We had a key to our home right from the start and were encouraged and welcome to walk through at any time. The worksite was always incredibly clean and organized, and this allowed us to see the process as it was campbellshappening, and make changes if needed. Our home was completed within a couple of days of the original estimated completion date, and the build stayed on track the entire way through.

The quality of our home is outstanding. Neighbors on the same street who have builds from other companies have commented on the incredible quality of our whole home – including fixtures, cabinets, flooring, exterior, deck. We were able to get everything we wanted within our price range.

We have been in our home for over a year now, and we are still able to contact Norm with any minor concern or question. Horizon Homes stands behind their work in such a way that they are willing to be available to you whenever you need them. I have yet to hear of another builder in Moose Jaw with the incredible reputation of Horizon Homes.

We have since referred 2 more families to build with Horizon this year who also have had outstanding experiences. I would be happy to have anyone considering building with Horizon contact us or tour our home and see the outstanding quality and workmanship in person. We highly recommend anyone considering a build to use Horizon Homes!

Carol & Eric Campbell

After years of searching for the perfect house and not finding what we wanted, we decided to meet with Norm to discuss an opportunity to build with Horizon. I put that poor man through the grill……. I wanted to make sure there were no surprises and we were sure that we could get the house we had always dreamed of.

Norm was amazing, he was so patient with us and our constant questions. If we emailed or texted him, or any of the guys on the crew, they would get back to us immediately. I really feel our thoughts and opinions were listened to and valued in this entire process. Norm wanted to build us the perfect home for our family, and never for a minute did I feel that wasn’t the number one thing driving him and his crew. It was nice to work with people that really care about your home as much as you do.

Now we have settled into our home and have found the after possession service is just as good as the pre-possession service. When we called about a smoke detector going off for no reason one morning, the guys came in and had it changed out that day… just to find out it was actually my sons toy alarm clock going off!!

All in all, we love our home. I really suspected the building process to be more stressful, but working with Horizon Builders has really made the experience an enjoyable one! We really appreciate all Horizon did to make our dream home a reality.


Erin and Jason Tribier

My experience was like no other. I have built other homes in the past, and nothing compares to the genuine caring nature, dedication and passion for building a quality home that Horizon Homes demonstrates.

During the building process, I loved that I could see my house whenever I desired. Norm always made himself available to answer my questions, and I continually felt like he had my best interests in mind. He truly cares about the final product and went the extra mile to ensure that I had a good experience. This adventure was seamless and not stressful at all.

The craftsmanship of the home is extremely impressive. When people walk into my home, they are always astonished at the high quality and beauty. I would not hesitate to build with Horizon Homes again. Since building, I have referred Norm and his team to friends who have also built. I highly recommend Horizon Homes!

Jackie Straub

My experience purchasing a home from Horizon Homes fits into three categories; Quality & workmanship, the home’s design and the company’s follow through. Being new to the city and not knowing any of the builders or their reputations we purchased from this builder with no real expectations, just the hope that it would be a good home with little to no problems.

xceeding expectations is the motto for Horizon and we have found them to live up to their word in regards to the quality and workmanship. The home is solid and after being in it for a year, it is proving to be a very well built home. The typically cracking and shifting do to our climate and soil are virtually nonexistent. All the main door are 36 inches and the hallways are a little bit wider then normal. This makes a huge difference once you’re living in the house. There are many highlights to the construction and finishing that could be listed, but a small thing worth noting is the baseboards. The wide, 6 inch baseboards were not something we thought of, but the builder included them and they finish things off in a great way.

We purchased one of Horizon’s smaller homes, at approximately 1500 sq./ft. Our kids are moving out and we wanted something fairly manageable. Even with the smaller square footage, we have entertained large groups, up to 35 people. The design wastes no space and allows you to get your maximum bang for your buck. The open concept works great for intimate get-togethers or larger parties.

The highlight for us in purchasing a Horizon home has been dealing with Norm and the guys. Listening to other friends with new homes, we regularly hear stories of long waits to get a problem fixed. Any issue we have had, which have been minor and only a few items, have been addressed immediately in as short of a period as 24 hours. They always treat us with concern and a straightforwardness that I have appreciated. They give you honest answers and behave in a way that makes you taken care of. Their follow through and follow up has been exception.

We love our house and have no intentions of moving out of it. But if we chose to build again in Moose Jaw, there would only be one builder we would trust to build us a home. Horizon Homes lives up to their claim of exceeding expectations. I highly recommend you consider letting Norm and the guys build you a home, you’ll love it.

Margaret and Tim Clarke

When we decided to build a new home we met with Norm from Horizon Homes because of a glowing referral from friends who had recently built with them. From Day 1 we felt at ease entrusting Norm and the rest of the crew at Horizon Homes with the biggest investment of our lives and they did not disappoint. They delivered us a high quality product that we believe to be the perfect home for our young family. Any of their employees, supplies, or trades that we had to deal with were accommodating, professional, and extremely helpful during the process. We also appreciated the unrestricted access to our home during the build. This allowed us to see it take shape and fueled our excitement.

While we can’t say there weren’t bumps in the road (there would be with any home build regardless of the builder), what impressed us most was the prompt and professional manner which Horizon Homes dealt with these minor issues/concerns when they came up. These issues were typically addressed next day, even after we had moved in.

Not only did they build us a beautiful, safe, and quality home, they had us in it two months earlier than expected! Without hesitation, we would recommend Horizon Homes to any of our family or friends looking to build the home of their dreams. From start to finish, it was an extremely positive experience working with Horizon Homes.

Curtis and Carla Hallborg

It’s a Christmas miracle!!

Having just completed a high quality reno of our little bungalow, we seriously considered another major renovation. When we were looking for something with good value and a great neighbourhood, we kept hearing about Horizon Homes. Realizing that we might be able to do this on our budget, we started our research. Industry people, many individuals, and several good friends told us some great things about Norm and Dustin and their houses. We looked at a couple, and started to see ourselves in a Horizon Home. Norm was super patient with us (me!) and guided us towards the home that ended up being a perfect fit for us.

Here’s what we tell anyone who will listen: these guys WANT you to LOVE your house! They will make sure everything is perfect, and they went above and beyond in getting us in our house early! Quality workmanship, standards above and beyond industry requirements, and little touches that make our home stand out. Extra wide staircases, a perfectly planned cook’s kitchen, and more storage than you can imagine!

And here’s what has really stood out to us... They have been here for us even after we moved in. The little inevitable things were addressed immediately. If we called, they were here.

I could never imagine us ever leaving this house now!

Marty Mason & Jacki L’Heureux-Mason

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